Private tutors boost grammar chances, suggests survey

For sure Private Tuition is just one of the many riggers that parents are using to rig learning. There is no doubt that most parents want the best for their children. Especially in a present time where there is so much elitism in our society. Finally, even parent from the so call lower class of society are catching on…The link below tells the story.


Keith Olbermann: A Letterman Appreciation


My perspective on David Letterman is a little different, I think, than most of his other frequent-but-really-not-that-big-a-deal guests. For one thing, while I can still be freshly awestruck by his intelligence and his creative genius, I like his humanity even more. The thing I like most about Dave is Dave.

Plus, I had been a fan for 25 years before I was ever on the show, and I had managed to meet him at NBC even though neither of us worked there. I was just leaving 30 Rock to get back to ESPN when I heard this very familiar voice shout my name and then, “What the hell are you doing here?” I explained, with a mixture of surprise and pride, that Bryant Gumbel had brought me down from Connecticut to be the sports guy on a panel for the Today show year in review for 1994. Without missing…

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